About Ella


My name is Ella Bonny and I’m 11 years old. I love to write stories {usually realistic fiction}. I hope to someday publish one of my stories. One of my longest stories is 21 pages long. I also love reading! I read every night before I go to bed, and on weekends I read almost all day. You’d be amazed at how much I read during the Summer. {During the Summer I also work at a used bookstore every Thursday.}                                                    I am also a Christian. I put God before everything. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all who have sinful souls {that’s everyone except Him}. I believe in the holy trinity. Sometimes I talk about God or mention Christianity in my blogs, FYI.

WHY I WANTED TO HAVE A BLOG AND WHY I CALLED IT “SWEETER THAN PINEAPPLES”: I particularly wanted to have a blog because my Mom has one called Fostering: A Beautiful Mess. I was inspired to call it “Sweeter Than Pineapples” because I LOVE PINEAPPLES! I don’t exactly know why, but I do. I have many pineapple decorations in my room and a few articles of clothing with pineapples on them. The “Sweeter” part is on there because… well, I think I have a sweet heart.

SOME FACTS ABOUT MY FAMILY: I come from a family of five: Mom, Dad, Lily {age 9}, Evangeline a.k.a Eva {almost age 7}, and then there’s me! And if you haven’t noticed already… I’m the oldest child! Wooo-hooo!                                                                                       My family also does foster care {my Mom’s blog is all about foster care}. On my first blog, it says what foster care is in case you didn’t know. Sometimes I write about the foster kiddos who stay with us and how it impacts our family. I think it’s a blessing to show Jesus’s love to the children who stay at our home.

SPORTS I PLAY: Like almost all kids my age, I play some sports. I play basketball and volleyball {my two favorite sports}. At my school in sixth grade you can also join track. I happen to be going into sixth grade this fall and I’m thinking about joining.

HOBBIES OF MINE: I have many hobbies. Here are some: drawing, writing, reading, volleyball, basketball, and singing. Oh man, I love to sing. I think I sound pretty good but you can tell for yourself and check out one of the videos of me singing under “My Music and Videos”. I’m kind of shy when it comes to singing though. I am way more comfortable with singing in the showers than singing up front at church. I usually sing with one of my besties.

MY PERSONALITY: My personality has a lot of character traits like: shy, kind, smart, funny, humble {I hate bragging}, thoughtful, kind of quirky, and I admit, weird.    I like to help people and be nice to people. I like being a friend to others and spreading Christ’s love to others.

ANY  OTHER QUESTIONS? Just comment any other questions and I will try my best to answer them.

Stay sweet, Ella.