Winter/Spring Poem

This is a picture of the sunrise at my house.

Hey, guys. I wrote a poem of what it’s like during winter and spring where I live. I hope you like it.

Here it is:

The far distant cry of a trumpeter swan rings in my ears,

the beautiful sunrise soon appears,

the colors of ruby,

the colors of gold,

a beautiful day for sure will unfold.

The quiet crunch from my feet in the snow,

can even be heard by a graceful doe,

her big brown eyes stare into my soul,

her eyes sing with peace and cheer,

but quickly in silence, she disappears.

The trees are coated in a thin blanket of frost,

but berries and buds are born,

letting me know that nothing is lost,

for it is just a brand new morn.

Birds sing and croon,

from morning ’till noon,

they chatter and chirp,

making animals stir,

from their long winter rest,

everything’s at ease,

there is no hint of stress.

The restful humming of the river soothes me,

filling my heart with sleepiness and peace,

I think of all the things that I have,

and I know,

the Lord has truly blessed me.

This is a picture of the river by my house.


Stay sweet, Ella.


PS: Check out this video for what Trumpeter swans sound like.

1 thought on “Winter/Spring Poem”

  1. Ella,
    What a lovely poem! I liked to write when I was your age, too. I will be 80 in July and I’m trying to think of a special poem or story to tell the world how lucky I am—-I would be happy to send you a copy when I finish! keep up the good work!

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