Braces: The Opposite of Sweet

Here are my not so sweet braces.

There’s always something bitter in everyone’s life. Whether there’s 1 bitter thing or 100.

I thought I’d share something bitter in my life with you.

My bitter is braces.

You know, the little metal brackets that get cemented to your crooked teeth?

Yep. I have those.

If your parents have ever talked with you about getting braces, you might want to consider that your life is over. Seriously.

They are soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying (and painful). You have to go to the orthodontist basically every month so they can tighten your braces. It’s hurts so much.

They take out what looks like mini pliers and yank on your braces until you think your teeth are going to fall out. Also, when they tighten your braces, it feels like nails on a chalkboard (well, at least for me).

Oh, and one of my pet peeves is when my dentist or orthodontist tries to chat with me while their cleaning my teeth. They’ll be like,

“Do you play any sports?” and I’ll be like,

“ah. bahiball n oheyball,” which is supposed to be, “yeah, basketball and volleyball.” if they weren’t poking and prodding in my mouth.

The only okay thing about braces is that you get to pick the color of the bands that they put on the brackets. So like, for Christmas you could pick red and green. And they do make your teeth straight and perfect after a certain amount of time. For me that would be 2 whole years.😧

So yeah, braces are not my idea of sweet. They’re the exact opposite.

But, okay. I admit I might’ve exaggerated a little bit about how gruesome they are. Still, braces are far from sweet, and I hope you notice that too…before it’s too late!


Stay Sweet, Ella

1 thought on “Braces: The Opposite of Sweet”

  1. Ya my cousin had braces and she hated them. So i am really hoping that i have to never get braces. THAT WOULD BE SCARY, especially because I HATE NEEDLES.


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