My Sweet Family: Part 2

Thanks for reading My Sweet Family Part: 1. Here’s Part: 2, hope you enjoy!

I’m on the left, Eva’s in the middle, Lily’s on the right, Mom and Dad are in the back.

My Immediate Family:

When there are no other kids here at my house, it is me, my two sisters, and my parents. We also have one dog named Maddie, one cat named Chatty, and nine chickens that we haven’t named. Occasionally, a feral cat, a fox, a bear, or a couple deer visit the part of the woods we own or our front yard too.


First of all, I am the oldest child in the family. In February I will be eleven years old.


The middle kid is my eight year old sister, Lilyanne, though she likes to be called Lily. She likes playing basketball and soccer. She is also artistic like me. Most of all, she LOVES legos and Scooby Doo.

Mom told me that Lily might have done a couple too many flips in Mom’s stomach when she was pregnant, because Lily likes doing the opposite of what everyone else does. She’s stubborn too.

For example, when everyone wants to watch Finding Nemo, she wants to watch How To Train Your Dragon.


The baby of the family – and sometimes spoiled – is Evangeline who is six years old, but we all call her Eva. Right now she doesn’t have her two front teeth, because she recently pulled them out. Mom thinks she looks cute.

Eva is actually pretty mature for her age and is a good sister to Little Miss (five year old girl). She loves baking, fashion, crafts, and eating steak.


Honestly, my sisters annoy me a little bit. Okay, a lot! But still, I love them to the ends of the earth. They are both gorgeous, talented, and funny. I’m grateful to call them my sisters.


This is my Mom, Leah. Isn’t she beautiful?

My mom’s name is Leah and she is beautiful, amazing, super kind, smart, and many more good things. I love her a lot. She also has a blog that is awesome. It talks all about my family’s ups and downs and adventures of fostering. Her blog is called, Fostering: A Beautiful Mess. You should totally follow it…and mine! Anyways, Mom is amazing. She is very focused on God and his word. She is a great role model. I feel she never stops working. At least five days, each week, my mom gets up at 5:00 in the morning so she can pray to God, do her devotions, read the bible, take notes, get dressed, do her makeup, get ready for work and the day, shower, and wake us up! After a quick breakfast at about 7:50 A.M, she drives me to the middle school, my sisters to the elementary, brings Little Mister to daycare, and then goes to work. She works as a nurse practitioner until around 5:30, and then picks up Little Mister from daycare – which is like half of an hour away and comes home.

Some days, she can’t come home until late, because she’s the coach of club volleyball and has to help the team practice.

When she can come home for dinner, she usually has to make dinner! (I mean Dad helps out too, but mom usually does the most cooking.)

Then after dinner, mom changes Little Mister’s diaper and puts him and Little Miss to bed. Sometimes, Mom comes into me and my sister’s rooms too, to say goodnight.

Then she cleans up the kitchen if it isn’t already and goes to bed.

Wouldn’t you agree that my mom works hard?


This is my dad with his favorite celebrity: Jack Links Sasquatch. Dad’s the one on the right. Just thought I’d tell you, since they look like twins.

And I can’t forget Dad!

FYI, my dad’s real name is John.

My dad is awesome. He has black, graying hair that is almost bald. He has a scruffy beard that me and my sisters call, whiskers. (Personally, me and my dad both want him to grow out his whiskers, but mom said no.)

He is very funny. He loves joking around and making my family laugh. He tickles us a lot and me and my sisters half-laugh, half-scream and half-snort.

Dad farts a lot…and they stink. It’s sort of funny though, because my whole family has smelly farts – except for my mom – although dad says that mom fluffed in front of my Grandma Jacobs and blamed it on the dog. (Fluff means to fart silently, but smells bad.)

Anyways, Dad is a hard worker too. He has two jobs. Directing ShareIt and directing online learning for Wisconsin.

I bet you’re wondering what ShareIt is. ShareIt is a company that my dad and his friend, Will, started. They buy old cabins/houses and fix them up. Then they sell the house. This is where the sharing comes in. They use some of the money that they get and support and give it to places and people in need for things like, food/water sources, shelter, education, and veterans both locally and globally. You should check it out.

Visit ShareIt!

For his daily job, he basically sits on his computer all day! No joke.

He facetimes with the people he’s in charge of and talks about boring school stuff.

Dad is also the coach of the fifth grade girls basketball team…and I happen to be on it too. My dad knows a lot about basketball. He teaches my team new plays and helps us learn lots. He’s the best coach ever!

Dad always reminds me and my sisters that he loves us. Every day. He’s always telling us how pretty mom is too. He loves giving us hugs and kisses. I love him.


Then there’s Maddie, our dog.

Maddie is a lazy goldendoodle who lays on the couch basically all day…she never misses a chance for a belly rub, though.

My family teases Maddie by calling her dumb. I mean, she sort of is. One time, Mom accidentally dropped a opened loaf of bread. And guess what? Maddie just laid there and merely glanced at it. Another time, I dropped a piece of chocolate and Maddie walked towards it and turned around!

One of Maddie’s specialties is licking. Whenever she gets a chance, she licks us. Our feet, hands, legs, arms, shirts, pants…anything. It’s really obnoxious.

Also, Maddie’s body shape is kind of awkward. If you look up pictures of goldendoodles, she looks nothing like one except for the curly fur.

Maddie’s body is sort of long, her legs are short, and her tail is kind of long too long for her body. So Maddie is this long, curly, short dog.

In all, I guess I should be thankful for this dumb dog. I mean, some kids aren’t allowed to have a dog or can’t.


This is Chatty as a kitten from when we first got her.

Oh! I almost forgot Chatty!

Chatty is our calico cat. She is super fluffy and half of her nose is tan-ish orange and half of her nose is black. It’s super cool. The rest of her is gray and black, although there’s some tan on her face. BTW, Chatty is

Except, her eyes are sort of creepy. During the day, Chatty’s pupils are thin black slits in the middle of her yellow-green eyes. When it’s dark, Chatty’s pupils are huge and cute.

In case you wanted to know why we named our cat, Chatty, I’ll tell you. So, one day, a young cat showed up under our porch. The funny thing was, was we were just talking about buying a cat to kill mice the day before.

Anyways, Dad went outside to get the cat, and he asked all of our neighbors if it belonged to them. No one said yes. So we kept the cat a couple days longer and waited to see if someone would claim it. Over those few days, the cat meowed a lot and purred really loudly. So we named her Chatter, because she was a chatterbox. Chatty for short. A couple days passed and Mom and Dad said we could keep her. Hurray!

Chatty is a great cat. She kills mice and leaves their head on our doorstep. She’s always at our ankles, rubbing against us and purring. She loves us and she acts like she owns our yard.

Literally. The neighbor’s cats used to wander in the woods by our house and in our yard. Chatty got into a fight with one of them, actually. Chatty’s tough. She made the other cat bleed. That cat hasn’t been back since.

Another time, we got another cat, but Chatty beat her up, so we gave the other cat and to our Grammy Tammy and Grandpa John. Right now, that cat is living the dream as an indoor cat who’s always warm.

But Chatty got her way. She’s the only cat at our house now.


Over all, I have an pretty sweet family. Better than sweet, actually.


I love them so much and I don’t know what I would do without them.

God has truly blessed me and my life with this wonderful bunch of people that I am proud to call my family.


Stay sweet, Ella.



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