My Sweet Family: Part 1

Hello to whoever is reading this. This would be my first ever blog. I didn’t know what to specifically blog about, so I chose to write about my life and other things that stand out to me.



Foster Care:

To start things off, I have a family of five…most of the time. What I mean is, my family does foster care. If you don’t know what that is, you’re in luck, I do.


Sadly, some kids are abused by their parents/guardians. Or in some cases, their parents aren’t able to take care of them because they don’t have enough money or they’re in jail/prison. These kids are usually then placed with a foster family. They stay with their new family until their parents can take them back, or they’re placed with a different family, or they can be adopted. My family is a foster family.


My family has learned so much from being a foster family. We have learned to love the little girls and boys who come and leave our house. Like the verse Psalm 10:14 You are the helper of the fatherless: we have done our best to love and spread God’s love through the little children who come to our house, and try our best to be the family that they so desperately need.


Some of the kids who come to us have nothing of their own except for the clothes that they’re wearing. Some do not have manners; no ‘pleases’ and no ‘thank yous’. Some only are familiar with junk foods to eat, like hot dogs. It’s hard to believe that some parents do not focus on loving their kids or caring for them.


One of the hardest things is saying goodbye. After kids have stayed with my family for a long time, they seem like actual biological siblings. That’s why it hurts so much when they leave. It feels like a piece of me disappears.

A child who had no manners when I first met her/him had charmed me. I had played with them, ate with them, watched movies with them, and said ‘I love yous’ to them, just like normal siblings would. And then they had to go.


But at the same time, it was bitter sweet. Me and my family knew that God had a plan – a purpose – for them to leave. God knew what was going to happen to them. He had them wrapped in his arms…safe. And who knows? They might come back.

Sometimes the kids are able to go back to their mom or dad. Sometimes they get to go live with a relative. Sometimes they are placed with a different foster family that worked out better.


For the time being, I have two little foster siblings in my family. I wish that I could tell you more about them, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to.


Stay sweet, Ella.


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